Life Assurance Seminar Johannesburg 10 May 2018

9 EPISODES | ACTUARIAL SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA |  Podcast, ±42 min episode every 1 hour
1. A view from May 2018:
Speaker: Ian Cruickshanks
Chair: Colin van Zyl

2. Our TCF Journey: the good, the bad and the ugly:
Speakers: Paul Truyens, Giles Waugh, Nina Le Riche, Johann Le Roux
Chair: Nicolaas Kruger

3. Product Innovation in Micro-insurance:
Speaker: Marc Tison (Zing)
Chair: Andrew Warren

4. Assured Lives mortality investigation:
Speakers: Leza Wells & Etienne Rossouw (CSI committee)
Chair: Andrew Warren

5. IFRS 17 – one year on:
Speakers: Renaldo De Gouveia, Michael Meerkotter, Tracy Lister, Jac Niemand
Chair: Andrew Warren

6. Future of Insurance:
Speaker: Peter Temple
Chair: Tracy Lister

7. Passing the buck: The admin system risk
Speakers: Mia Geringer, Lukas Ehlers (ASSA system and techology committee)
Chair: Tracy Lister

8. APN106:
Speakers: Simon Louw
Chair: Saneliswe Nkuta

9. Professionalism and Ethics:
Speakers: Sandile Mbili
Chair: Saneliswe Nkuta


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We focus on empowering listener to build a better relationship with their money, therefore, make better financial decisions. The show will enable listeners to critically grapple with issues like; their money story,management of their money, debt, financial planning, credit ratings, budgeting, saving, investments, etc. The objective of this show is for the management of the personal financial portfolio, The show aims to bridge the gap between the values, beliefs and head knowledge when it comes to personal finance; the show will demystify the personal experiences, underlying narratives and decisions that produce the financial results that people encounter.

Millionaire Insights with Albert van Wyk

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Albert van Wyk is a millionaire. He authored the book 'How to Become a Millionaire at 22'. He is passionate about equipping a generation of up and coming South Africans with the financial tips and tools they need to become financially independent. Follow Albert on his journey as he spreads the word and talks to some cool people with great ideas along the way.

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