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Investec Focus Radio South Africa features conversations between leading minds from within Investec and other experts on economic, investment and business topics in addition to issues that go beyond wealth.
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NOW ep71: SA economy - muted optimism despite sticky inflation

Although sentiment indicators in South Africa are depressed there’s improvement to support stronger growth for 2024 compared to 2023. In this episode, Investec Chief Economist Annabel Bishop discuss the macroeconomic outlook for the global and local economy and where are the opportunities for economic growth.
16 Apr 17 min

The Current | Ep 4 | Cashing in on clean

Welcome to the 4th episode of The Current, an Investec Focus Radio podcast series, in which your host Iman Rappetti takes you on a thought-provoking 10-part journey of South Africa's energy transition. In this episode, Investec's Barry Shamley, Zane Buizuidenhout, Boipelo Rabotata and Campbell Parry discuss the myriad investment opportunities…
9 Apr 32 min

In conversation | Navigating Uncertainty in Johannesburg

As South Africa approaches elections, the nation grapples with critical issues such as substantial unemployment, escalating violent crime rates, and persistent power and infrastructure challenges that dominate the public discourse. Amidst these challenges, many South Africans are looking beyond the government for solutions – they look to themselves but they…
9 Apr 35 min

NOW ep70: SA Inc: the contrarian investment view

From SA Inc, to green and gold. In the latest episode of No Ordinary Wednesday, discover the sectors that have piqued the interest of award-winning fund managers, Barry Shamley and Peter Vogel, and the factors driving their local and international investment decisions. Podcast key moments: 00:00 – Introduction 01:20 -…
2 Apr 19 min

The Current | Ep 3 | Unearthing opportunities in mining

Investec's Quentin Allison, Ayan Ghosh and Fanele Mondi, CEO of the Energy Intensive Users Group, examine the crucial role of the mining sector in the energy transition, with a focus on the growing need for so-called "clean minerals" which South Africa has in abundance. 00:00 Intro 02:37 The energy trilemma…
26 Mar 25 min

The future of food: innovations for sustainability

In this special edition of Investec Focus Radio, we delve into the intersection of food technology and sustainability with Arturo Elizondo, the founder and CEO of The Every Company, and Melanie Janse van Vuuren, Global Sustainability lead at Investec. We explore the environmental challenges of traditional meat production and the…
26 Mar 19 min

Macro Monday Ep23: Caution ahead for US

This week, Investec Wealth & Investment Chief Investment Strategist Chris Holdsworth discusses risks ahead for US growth, despite an uptick in the leading indicator.
25 Mar 6 min

NOW ep69: SA mid-market: resilience in uncertain times

South Africa’s often under-appreciated mid-market sector remains a bulwark in driving the country’s economy and continues to play a key role in mitigating some of the country's infrastructure and energy difficulties. And while resilience is an overtraded word in South Africa, it is this attitude that is helping the sector…
19 Mar 18 min

Macro Monday Ep22: US GDP outlook improves

This week, Investec Wealth & Investment Chief Investment Strategist Chris Holdsworth discusses global growth and the upward revisions to US growth expectations, global inflation and commodity markets.
18 Mar 8 min

The Current | Ep 2 | Unplugging Eskom's woes

In this episode, Investec's Martin Meyer and Ayan Ghosh are joined by Rudi Dicks, the head of project management in the office of the Presidency. Together they discuss the challenges facing Eskom and the feasibility of the plans to turn the ailing utility around. The episode covers infrastructure constraints, particularly…
12 Mar 26 min

Reimagine Mental Health S2 ep5: Her mind, her strength

In this episode, we embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of women's experiences, from triumphs to trials and everything in between. We'll hear from inspiring women who have overcome incredible odds in both their personal and professional lives.
7 Mar 30 min

NOW ep68: India - the next global superpower

India’s rapid economic growth has the attention of the world. It has overtaken China as the world's most populous country, and it's tipped to move from the fifth to the third largest economy in the next few years. The growth is being driven domestically by the country's burgeoning and youthful…
5 Mar 21 min

In conversation | AI: shaping the future of work

In this episode of Investec In conversation, we delve into the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of employment and skills development. As AI transforms from a novel concept to a mainstream tool, we examine its role in redefining job roles and the necessary skills for the workforce of…
28 Feb 21 min

The Current | Ep 1 | At the coalface of SA's energy transition

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the The Current, an Investec Focus Radio podcast series, in which your host Iman Rappetti takes you on a thought-provoking 10-part journey of South Africa's energy transition. In this episode, Investec's Campbell Parry, Chris Holdsworth and Samantha Mooi are joined by James Mackay, CEO…
26 Feb 29 min

Macro Monday Ep19: Indications of a slowdown in the US

Investec Wealth & Investment Chief Investment Strategist Chris Holdsworth discusses the disconnect between US GDP data, the leading indicator and other data series – pointing to a slowdown, though a recession is less likely.
26 Feb 9 min

NOW ep67: Where does opportunity lie for dealmaking in 2024?

As we enter 2024, the M&A landscape shows signs of recovery, albeit cautiously. Charles Barlow, Investec's Head of Cross-Border Finance and International Advisory and Capitalmind Investec experts Jürgen Schwarz, Marleen Vermeer, and Kilian de Gourcuff discuss the key sectors, trends and risks to keep an eye on in 2024. 00:00…
20 Feb 19 min

Macro Monday Ep18: Global inflation is falling

Investec Wealth & Investment Chief Investment Strategist Chris Holdsworth looks at global Inflation data and what it means for monetary policy, weak data coming out of the US for January, and is South Africa in recession.
19 Feb 10 min

Finance forecast: what consumers can expect in 2024

Investec Chief Economist Annabel Bishop looks at what stabilising inflation and interest rates will mean for South African consumers in 2024. In this podcast, brought to you by Investec Personal Cash Investments, Bishop talks about what you can expect from food and fuel prices to salaries and tax.
16 Feb 18 min
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