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Investec Focus Radio South Africa features conversations between leading minds from within Investec and other experts on economic, investment and business topics in addition to issues that go beyond wealth.
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NOW ep50: BRICS fallout knocks rand

Geopolitical own goals have pushed the rand to record lows against the dollar. Investec Treasury Economist Tertia Jacobs and Investec Head of Sales and Structuring Obakeng Pitse share their views on the outlook for the ZAR.
7 Jun 19 min

Reimagining mental health ep6: Balancing success and sanity in entrepreneurship

For entrepreneurs, the heavy weight of expectation across all quarters of society is persistent. From investors, to employees, to customers, not to mention their family and wider community. They are constantly expected to have the answers. In the final episode of the first season of our Reimagine Mental Health podcast…
30 May 36 min

NOW ep49: Global economy feels the chill as Dragon’s fire cools

John Wyn-Evans, Investec Wealth & Investment UK, and Quentin Allison, Investec Corporate and Institutional Banking, take an in-depth look at China’s economic prospects in the face of lower consumer demand, high interest rates and stubbornly high inflation globally.
23 May 15 min

NOW ep48: Will interest rates take a hike?

With the Fed and ECB continuing to hike interest rates, it is inevitable that South Africa will follow suit at the end of May. In this week’s episode of No Ordinary Wednesday podcast, our Chief Economist Annabel Bishop looks at whether the country is reaching a turning point on interest…
9 May 17 min

NOW ep47: Transnet: Runaway train?

In this episode of No Ordinary Wednesday, Henk Langenhoven, Chief Economist of the Minerals Council of South Africa, Tertia Jacobs, Investec Treasury Economist, and Denys Hobson, Head of Logistics at Investec for Business, discuss the extent of the Transnet crisis, its impact on the economy and possible solutions.
25 Apr 31 min

NOW ep46: How AI is shaping industries and business models

Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence have many heads spinning. But there’s no denying that whip-smart machines have enabled us to make incredible leaps and bounds in business, even as a treacherous list of ethical conundrums keeps human brains awake at night. Will AI make our lives easier and help us…
11 Apr 20 min

Real Torque with Marius Roberts | Episode 1: Buying a car in South Africa

Motoring expert Marius Roberts shares how to be smart about buying a car that best suits your needs. Listen to his top tips. SKIP TO KEY TOPICS 00:02:29 Why driving distance is important 00:02:51 Factoring in your regular driving conditions 00:03:08 What size car do you need? 00:03:39 New vs…
4 Apr 5 min

NOW ep45: Load shedding dims SA’s economic hopes

Tough times continue for the South African economy, inflation is not cooling keeping interest rates edging higher, the electricity crisis continues to hinder growth and job creation and business and consumer confidence have declined to all-time lows. What do all these key economic indicators mean for the outlook of the…
29 Mar 27 min

NOW ep44: Offshore Investing: Positioning for volatile times

How is the current global economic climate shaping investment trends? And what is the outlook for the rest of the year? Our award-winning Investec World Axis fund managers share their insights on the latest episode of No Ordinary Wednesday podcast.
14 Mar 24 min

NOW ep43: SA Greylisted: What does it mean for you?

South Africa has been greylisted by global financial crime watchdog the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) for not fully complying with international standards around the prevention of money laundering, terrorist financing and proliferation financing. What will this mean for South African businesses and consumers? We unpack the latest developments.
28 Feb 23 min

Reimagining mental health ep3: Mental health and the economy

Health economists estimate that unaddressed mental health conditions (including depression and anxiety) cost our economy an estimated R161 billion per year as a result of lost days of work on account of illness, “presenteeism” (working longer hours), and in extreme cases premature mortality. In this episode we focus on the…
24 Feb 26 min
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