School Radio station, for the students, by the students. This was started by a group of students who wanted a voice. Who wanted to create a channel of communication.
South Africa
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The JJC Podcast Experience

You’re procrastinating right now, aren’t you? Yup, we knew it. But don’t fret, this is the most effective soundtrack to drown out your google classroom notifications. We are the Johannesburg Junior Council and our mission as a youth run organization is to empower the voice of the unheard. Join us…
1 Aug 2022 52 episodes English Society & Culture

RedRadio - Important Conversations

Here you can listen to us discuss the important topics, from Cancel culture to diversity to Social media and much more. Catch the best of RedRadio right here!
19 May 2021 10 episodes English Education

RedRadio - Chatter

Here, you will catch the best funny and light hearted moments from our presenters!
19 Mar 2021 27 episodes English Education · Comedy

David & Ali on the run

David and Ali are not only funny but they are edgy too. Tackling the weekly issues in a fun and exciting way, they look forward to spending their Wednesday afternoon with you and in turn sharing it with this podcast!
16 Dec 2020 1 episodes English Comedy · Education

The Redhill School Podcast

Redhill School has enjoyed tremendous success as a beacon of academic, cultural and sporting excellence. This success has not materialised by accident. It has been through hard work, dedication and the partnerships that have flourished among the staff, parents and the most important stakeholders in the equation - the students…
4 Sep 2020 8 episodes English Education · Education

RedRadio - Wellbeing & Self help

No matter the political, economic or social climate we live in, your well being is always a priority. In this podcast you will find episodes that focus on looking after your well being and happiness.
8 Jun 2020 11 episodes English Education · Education