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You’re procrastinating right now, aren’t you? Yup, we knew it.
But don’t fret, this is the most effective soundtrack to drown out your google classroom notifications.

We are the Johannesburg Junior Council and our mission as a youth run organization is to empower the voice of the unheard. Join us as we embark on challenging conversations around all things social, political and current. The only difference? It’s coming from fellow high school procrastinators who might just have a thing or two to say about the world that we live in. Just like you, right?

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Not just a stunt, we want all 12 months

Pride should be celebrated every year, all year.” said by one of our hosts, Khumo Kumalo in this impactful podcast. Join him, and his co-host, Josh De Smet as they delve into important conversations surrounding issue’s faced by today’s lgbtqia+ youth and as they explore what queer pride means to the youth.

Covid Reflections

I think we can speak for everyone when we say that Covid was a curveball that no one expected. Join us as we discuss online school, our mental health during covid and other random tangents!

Not Your National Anthem

In celebration of Africa day, Join Khumo and Grace as they deep dive into everything relating to Xenophobia in South Africa, from Operation Dudula to the not so innocent jokes you and your friends may share in private. A much needed conversation acknowledging the detrimental effects of xenophobia on not only the victims, but the foreign nationals who live amongst us.

Human Rights Day

Join us as we discuss the history, importance and change brought on by the events of the Sharpville Massacre, commemorated by Human Rights Day on the 21st of March. Our hosts Kwande, Gad and Miquela explore the intricacies of the culture of human rights in South Africa ranging from how its shaped art, history and our day to day life.

Arts: The Culture Experience

In this episode of The JJC Podcast Experience Michelle and Serene talk about how the youth can empower and express themselves through embracing elements arts and culture as well as dish down on how arts and culture has contributed to their lives.
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Mental Health in a P.O.C Household

Nomsa Mhlongo, Co-founder of Rareview Mirror Mental Health Agency, hops on this episode of Saturdays with Stephanie to share some of her touching experiences battling with mental health in a P.O.C household. She also shares some tips on dealing with mental health and how to overcome stigmas and challenges facing mental health.

*DISCLAIMER*:The views of our guests do not represent/reflect the views of The Johannesburg Junior Council and The JJC Podcast Experience.
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In this episode of The JJC Podcast Experience, Duncan, Stephanie, Thashil, Munashe and Gabriel chat about their high school experiences and their opinions and feelings on high school.
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Gen Z talks Social Media

In this episode Duncan, Thashil and Munashe discuss Gen Z and social media. Is Gen Z desensitised to violence in the media? Is Gen Z the "snowflake generation"? Listen to this episode to hear the answers to these questions and many more!


Am I colorist? What is colourism? Have I been subjected to colourism? In this episode of Saturdays With Stephanie, Stephanie, joined by guests Thashil and Duncan get candid about living in a colourist society, and share tips on identifying and dealing with colourism with friends, family, communities and social media.
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Dating As A Teen

Can your relationship survive the roller coaster of teen life? Are soul ties real? Is true love real? In this episode Duncan, Thashil, Stephanie, Munashe and Gabriel dive into their experiences dating as teens and how to navigate your way through the ups and downs of love, relationships, heartbreak and finding "the one".

What happened to protect and serve?

This podcast gives some insight into police brutality as a global issue, and focuses on police brutality in South Africa with a look into the nature, history and causes of it with an insight into how bad it has been over the past couple of years.

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