#039 Playing Against Yourself (Leading on the Field Part 2) — Ashleigh Buhai

This Leading on the Field series of conversations with key sporting personalities is brought to you by sports management specialists, Forwardzone (https://forwardzone.com).

At the tender age of 18, golf prodigy Ashleigh Buhai turned pro after breaking almost every amateur record in South Africa. She was the youngest player (14) to receive full African colours, the youngest player to win the Ladies South African Amateur Stroke Play and Match Play double, and the first player in 101 years to win the South African Open title three times.

She went on to win three times on the European Tour, where she currently plays, and is a fantastic ambassador for young South Africans rising through the sport, not to mention the consummate professional in all aspects of her game.

I spoke to Ashleigh about the unique challenge of playing a sport at the highest level where, unlike football, rugby or cricket, you really have nobody else to blame for your shortcomings other than you. You're out there alone on the golf course, and that means taking extraordinary levels of responsibility for your own readiness and performance. Not unlike, I think, the unique challenge of entrepreneurship or leading any organisation of significance, which can often be a very lonely job.

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