#0  One-on-one with TV personality, activist Andile Gaelesiwe

Sotho Meyer is in conversation with singer, TV presenter and activist Andile Gaelesiwe, catching up on her life and career.
Season 0 / Episode 0 10 Feb 2021 English Explicit South Africa Personal Journals · Health & Fitness

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World Mental Health Day

How are workspaces contributing to this growing number and how does this affect employees' lives? Dr Sindi Van Zyl in conversation with Dr Thabani Nkwanyana, Central Nervous System Portfolio Manager at Pharma Dynamics, Abdurahman Kenny and Board Member of NPO called “The Lupus Dive”, Kgali Thabalala
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Does being plus size make you unfit?

Does being plus size make you unfit? Does being plus size mean you’re unfit? Dr Sindi Van Zyl in conversation with Nurse Cilinician & Motivational Speaker, Angela Motsusi and Dietition, Ria Tintswalo Mojapelo.
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International Girl Child Day

On the 11th October 2019, it was “International Girl Child” day, and Dr Sindi payed homage to girl children. She spoke to girl children about their lives, goals, plans and their views with what is happening around the world.
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What is lobola( money) used for in this modern age?

Lobola, which traditionally paid with cattle in the African cultures, it is still relevant even today as it plays a significant role in our African tradition. However, it has over the years increased to exorbitant amounts, which tightly linked with education, success of a woman and again with the suitability…
Season 0 / Episode 0 53 min