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Sidebar with Sindi is an extension of the vibrant personality that is Dr Sindi Van Zyl. While Dr. Sindi is known for her work as a medical doctor, this show will explore multiple facets of life with the overarching theme of family.
Sidebar with Sindi is about having and facilitating empowering, insightful and inclusive conversations between listeners and subject experts for lasting and holistic impact on those who participate in the conversations without fear of judgement.

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What is lobola( money) used for in this modern age?

Lobola, which traditionally paid with cattle in the African cultures, it is still relevant even today as it plays a significant role in our African tradition. However, it has over the years increased to exorbitant amounts, which tightly linked with education, success of a woman and again with the suitability of a partner especially in terms of price.

Dr Sindi Van Zyl chats to Cultural Expert, Nomagugu Ngobese and Kabelo Chabalala who wrote an article about “Lobola being used as payback” check.

Dr Sindi talking fitness Tuesday

Which position doubles up as a workout for you?

Dr Sindi Van Zyl speaks to Fitness Sexpert & founder of “Sex to Impress Workout" , Alfred Kendrick and & fitness fanatic, Tshepo Kgame.

Dr Sindi talks unnecessary heartbreaks

Dr Sindi talks the local government of Tanzania is considering publishing the identities of all married men there in a bid to protect single women from “unnecessary heartbreaks”.
Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Paul Makonda said he has received a lot of complaints from women who have been deceived many times, and they have had enough." is joined in studio by Relationship Experts, Nhlanhla and Magauta Zwane
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How healthy is your diet?

Ahead of #KayaLegacyWalk , Dr Sindi talks about healthy eating for training and racing.

She is joined in studio by Author of the book “Life After Dieting” alongside Chef Kelly.

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