O-Live The life you Dream | Malcolm Gooding (The Voice | Gooding's Grove Olive Farm | Owner)

O-Live The life you Dream — How to become a master urban farmer
Malcolm Gooding (The Voice | Gooding's Grove Olive Farm | Owner)

Over the last decade or so, the demand from the public to know exactly where their food is coming from and how sustainable it is has had a fairly large impact many stores And what they stock.

And the demand to grow our own edibles has grown too. Garden centres and growers have heeded the call and a wide range of fruits and veg are now to be found on the shop floor.

Sometimes, however, there’s a desire to take it even further, to get away from the perceived rat-race and to become a ‘gentleman farmer’.

Well known and often recognised for his inciting voice, now-ace olive farmer Malcolm Gooding gives us the do’s and dont’s when it comes to growing your own, while catching us up on what else he’s up to in his life.

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