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#084 Blooming Marvellous | Cary Goodwin

Is the best season of the year Spring?

Guest: Cary Goodwin (Spokesperson Life is a Garden, Head Garden Girl at Colourful Group)

From how to create the garden of your dreams, select the best plants, attract birds to your backyard and to set up a tiny watergarden - all the info you need you can get from Cary Goodwin and Melanie Walker of Life is a Garden!

When's your favourite season??

#083 The Protection or the Environment is up to You! | Donna-Mari Noble

How to be a useful member of the Human Race.

Donna-Mari Noble (Communications Manager, MPact)

National Recycling Day happened on the 17th September this year in South Africa - did you do your bit to help lessen your load on the planet?

Donna-Mari Noble of MPact recycling gives us the latest on how South Africa is faring when it comes to recycling - and it’s not all bad news!

We also delve into what happens to things that could be recycled aren’t, where your waste goes, and how you can get you - and importantly, your child - involved in making a difference and being a ‘cleaner’ human becoming.
Mpact Website

#082 Don't be wasteful - Learn how to Upcycle | Winnie McHenry

Bring down your impact on our earth

Winnie McHenry (Originator/Owner Upcycle)

Like most of the rest of the World, South Africa is battling with pollution and lack of landfill space.

But slowly, some people are managing to change this around, while Upskilling people who have been battling to find work.

UpCycle Winnie McHenry let's us in on how's she's helping corporates to be more environmentally aware, about how you can help others to become more independent so they can go on to Upskill others, and what you can do to become a more 'user-friendly' human becoming.
Upcycle Website

#081 Crazy Daisies! | Cary Goodwin

Must be in this cold!

Cary Goodwin (Spokesperson for Life is a Garden, head Supergirl at Peebles and Colourful Group)

Winter. Sends shivers down the spine. In more ways than one.

But spring ain’t that far away, so Cary Goodwin reckons it’s time to start getting your garden sorted with a blast of colour from all the wonderful members of the ‘daisy’ family.

And how to get the best hedges going to try and keep them (and your neighbours) contained.

There’s also a great idea for honouring the women in your life, as we reckon we hold the earth in our hands!
Life is a Garden Website

#079 You are What you Eat | Linda Galvad

Linda Galvad - Sought After Seedlings

Planting thoughts on how to help your brain and body

Our body consists of two 'brains' - the one we think with, and the one we feel with. The Gut.

To get the best out of what you eat, and how you feed your brain(s), Linda Galvad of Sought After Seedlings tells us of her journey from psychology to growing 'brain food' naturally.
Follow Sought After Seedlings on Facebook

#078 Winter is Coming! | Cary Goodwin

Life is a Garden's winter top tips with Cary Goodwin (Spokesperson Life is a Garden, Head Garden Girl at Colourful Group)

Winter is on its way, so what should you be looking out for? The Great Reset continues - are you part of it?

Talking bulbs, indoor plants, how to get your garden ready for the quiet time and all things in between.

#077 Afro-Chic is making its Mark | Michael Rickhoff

Michael Rickhoff (Master Landscape Designer)

We set trends here in the south - not following the rest of the world!

While the rest of the world follow trends in gardening, taking their cue from the northern hemisphere summer garden ideas, there are a number of Proudly South Africans who are taking the leap into bringing OUR cultures to the forefront of garden design.

Michael Rickhoff takes us through what he believes the top trends are for this year in our country. Indigenous plants and African influences are the talk of the town - learn how to implement them in your own backyard

#076 It’s still Summer! | Cary Goodwin

Get yourself ready for Your Life in a Garden

Cary Goodwin (spokesperson Life is a Garden)

This month is a time of planning. Planning for your autumn and winter garden. Cary Goodwin gives us all the gen we need for ensuring you have all your bulbs (not) in a row and things to keep the kids busy too.

#075 All things Bright and Beautiful | Kathy Varney

The Trials and Tribulations of getting the Best Plants to you!

Kathy Varney (Marketing & Product Manager at Ball Straathof)

For years, Ball Straathof have been striving to bring colour, beauty and tasty morsels to all gardens and landscapes.

The BS Trials give all those in the gardening industry - and the public too - the opportunity to see what new plants are coming up in South Africa. One of the most eagerly awaited events on the gardening calendar. Has lockdown changed this? Or the gardening industry as a whole?

Kathy Varney gives us the good news and the inside scoop on what new releases we can expect to see in a garden centre near you!
Connect with Kathy on LinkedIn Ball Straathof Website

#074 Back to Basics! | Cary Goodwin

Start your Gardening Year off Greenly

Cary Goodwin (Spokesperson Life is a Garden, Head Garden Girl at Colourful Group)

The beginning of a New Year generally heralds new resolutions. If you haven't made one yet, let it be this - I am going to get Grounded!

From starting from scratch and getting your soil right, to bringing this year's colours into your space, Cary Goodwin gives us all of Life is a Garden's hints and tips to get you on the right gardening track to ensure success in your backyard - or courtyard!

Never scrimp on the basics, never be afraid to ask questions, and continue the joy you may have found during lockdown, by staying home and pimping your porch.

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#073 If Trees Could Talk... | Megan Emmett Parker

And 100 of them you should get to know!

Megan Emmett Parker (author and senior producer in the environmental world)

With a Masters in environmental management, a conservation degree and a decade working as a senior producer on 50/50 on tv, Megan Parker has a solid grounding on all topics environmental.

Her book, Game Ranger in your Backpack, has been selling out and reprinted yearly since release ten years ago. And her book on trees, originally titled If Trees Could Talk, now published by Struik under the title 100 Bushveld Trees, is the go-to guide for those wanting to know more about our wonderful country, her biomes and the ‘beings’ that inhabit it.

Game Ranger in Your Pocket on Amazon
100 Bushveld Trees
Megan on LinkedIn
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