Simply Delicious! | Jane Griffiths (Author | Jane’s Delicious Garden and many others!)

Simply Delicious! — Catching up with the Delicious Jane Griffiths
Jane Griffiths (Author | Jane’s Delicious Garden and many others!)

Delicious Jane is a writer, television producer, traveller and artist, who began her journey to becoming a ‘veggie garden guru’ due to her being inspired chef who very seldom cooks the same recipe twice - and was frustrated about not finding the special ingredients she wanted. However, we find out that this ardent trip-taker’s favourite journey is from her organic vegetable garden to her kitchen.

With a ‘new’ herb book just released, and another in the offing, Jane gives us the benefit of her knowledge, having found out mostly the hard way what works and what doesn’t. From the basics of ‘no-dig’ gardening, to what you should be planting out now, and the realisation by so many people that growing your own is something we should all be doing, Jane’s got the know-how and the inspiration for you...

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