#015 Tracey Swanepoel, Lisa Shippey and Bernard Swanepoel | The power of storytelling to inspire change

In this episode Petro du Pisani speaks to Tracey Swanepoel, Bernard Swanepoel and Lisa Shippey from Thinkspiration. They explore how storytelling can be used to explain business strategy and how to connect with people at various levels in an organisation. Storytelling is a skill that everyone can learn - it helps people to understand each other and the organisations they work in better. Thinkspiration is a company that helps leaders to tell stories, so that their strategy is easy to understand. This results in improved employee engagement, motivation and produces improved results. This episode is full of personal life-changing stories and helpful tips and tricks on how to incorporate storytelling in your work-life.

Music Used : Umlungu | https://johnbartmann.com