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#018 Sean Lewis | In search of knowledge

A learning journey conversation

Sean Lewis (UCT GSB | Lecturer)

This episode is part of a series of learning journey conversations Petro du Pisani is having, as a result of meeting inspiring people as part of doing her EMBA through UCT's Graduate School of Business.

In this episode Petro speaks to Sean Lewis who is a part-time lecturer for the UCT EMBA. He is also a past student of the programme.

Sean teaches evidence-based management and systems thinking, and he is also interested in integrative thinking. Sean balances his lecturing with a full-time corporate IT role, and still finds space to spend quality time with his students.

Sean has pursued knowledge his entire life. He is a strong, independent thinker, who naturally thrives in an environment where he is empowered to achieve organisational and personal development goals.

In this conversation we hear about Sean's story and how he continuously strove to find ways to study and grow.
Connect with Sean on LinkedIn Find out more about the UCT GSB EMBA

#017 Chris Breen | Finding what matters most

A learning journey conversation

Chris Breen (UCT GSB)

In this episode host, Petro du Pisani, speaks to Emeritus Professor Chris Breen (UCT GSB) about his life, the transformations he has seen in others and himself, and some of the concepts he teaches in his course on Personal Leadership in Complex times.

Chris has a carefully crafted teaching style which he describes as follows:

'In my sessions I try to disrupt our taken-for-granted assumptions and unconscious behavior by setting the class up as a real-life, real-time micro-laboratory where each participant gets a glimpse into themselves in action.

I am looking to enhance the awareness of each participant as they develop their own personal leadership qualities necessary for carrying out their daily lives with wisdom and appropriate actions that are aligned with a commitment to adding to the strength of the human spirit both in their homes and in the work place.'

In this episode Chris brings wisdom and lessons from his own life, and we also talk about 'Living an examined Life' (James Hollis), the three marriages (David Whyte) and Rumi's 'The Guest House.'

This episode is part of a series of learning journey conversations Petro is having, as a result of meeting inspiring people as part of doing her EMBA through UCT's Graduate School of Business.

Music : Duncan Breen - Goree island
Find out more about Chris Breen Find out more about UCT's EMBA

#016 Kosheek Sewchurran | Creating worlds through conversation

A learning journey conversation

Kosheek Sewchurran (UCT GSB | Associate Professor)

In this episode host Petro du Pisani speaks to Associate Professor Kosheek Sewchurran, who is the programme director for the University of Cape Town (UCT) Graduate School of Business (GSB) executive MBA.

As Petro embarks on her EMBA, she will speak to some of the amazing human beings she will encounter along the way.

Associate Professor Sewchurran has designed this programme in such a way as to nurture and create executives who are able, in their actions and their being, to lead authentically.

In this episode we talk about Kosheek's journey, some of the major transformations he has seen in people and what the burning questions are that keep him excited every day.

We talk about 'everydayness', living in the moment and how we can create worlds through conversation."

Music : Deliberate Thought | Kevin MacLeod (YouTube Music Library)
Find out more about the UCT GSB EMBA Connect with Associate Professor Sewchurran on LinkedIn

#015 Tracey Swanepoel, Lisa Shippey and Bernard Swanepoel | The power of storytelling to inspire change

In this episode Petro du Pisani speaks to Tracey Swanepoel, Bernard Swanepoel and Lisa Shippey from Thinkspiration. They explore how storytelling can be used to explain business strategy and how to connect with people at various levels in an organisation. Storytelling is a skill that everyone can learn - it helps people to understand each other and the organisations they work in better. Thinkspiration is a company that helps leaders to tell stories, so that their strategy is easy to understand. This results in improved employee engagement, motivation and produces improved results. This episode is full of personal life-changing stories and helpful tips and tricks on how to incorporate storytelling in your work-life.

Music Used : Umlungu |
Visit Thinkspiration's website Storytelling for Leaders

#014 Riaan Wolmarans | Travel books: Memories and aspirations

This is another special edition end-of-year book-review On Change podcast.

In this episode Riaan Wolmarans (my BFF) and I talk about books about travel. Books that made us want to travel somewhere (or not). Books that we read, or were recommended to us while traveling. Books about places, real or invented.

Join us on a journey around the world and through genres.

We also reveal what we will be reading over the holiday season.
Connect with Riaan on LinkedIn

#013 Jo Rust | How motorcycling around Africa changes you

In this episode Petro speaks to Jo Rust, Personal Life Coach, Motorcycle adventurer and author of the book "Woman Alone Around Africa." Jo holds the record as the first woman to have circumnavigated the entire African continent on a motorcycle, solo.

Jo is now studying psychology and is a practical life coach.

This episode explores why Jo felt the need to ride around countries and continents on two wheels, and what she learnt about herself in the process.

Music Used : Sunny looks good on you, by Midnight North found at Youtube's Audio Library
Connect with Jo

#011 Riaan Wolmarans | Dusting off the bookshelf

In this episode we take inspiration from a cartoon by Grant Snider and discuss books in twelve categories; those we couldn't pick up or put down. Books we lent each other. Books we thought were about one thing, then turned out to be about something different.

Books that changed us and shaped us through the years.

#009 Gail Cameron | Coaching and African Leadership

Petro du Pisani talks to Gail Cameron (MD of the Image Excellence Group) on how executive and life coaching has evolved over the past 30 years. They discuss excerpts from Gail's book "Authentic African Leadership," and touch on topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Resonant Leadership and the Quantum Physics of Leadership.

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