#017 Chris Breen | Finding what matters most

A learning journey conversation

Chris Breen (UCT GSB)

In this episode host, Petro du Pisani, speaks to Emeritus Professor Chris Breen (UCT GSB) about his life, the transformations he has seen in others and himself, and some of the concepts he teaches in his course on Personal Leadership in Complex times.

Chris has a carefully crafted teaching style which he describes as follows:

'In my sessions I try to disrupt our taken-for-granted assumptions and unconscious behavior by setting the class up as a real-life, real-time micro-laboratory where each participant gets a glimpse into themselves in action.

I am looking to enhance the awareness of each participant as they develop their own personal leadership qualities necessary for carrying out their daily lives with wisdom and appropriate actions that are aligned with a commitment to adding to the strength of the human spirit both in their homes and in the work place.'

In this episode Chris brings wisdom and lessons from his own life, and we also talk about 'Living an examined Life' (James Hollis), the three marriages (David Whyte) and Rumi's 'The Guest House.'

This episode is part of a series of learning journey conversations Petro is having, as a result of meeting inspiring people as part of doing her EMBA through UCT's Graduate School of Business.

Music : Duncan Breen - Goree island