#018 Sean Lewis | In search of knowledge

A learning journey conversation

Sean Lewis (UCT GSB | Lecturer)

This episode is part of a series of learning journey conversations Petro du Pisani is having, as a result of meeting inspiring people as part of doing her EMBA through UCT's Graduate School of Business.

In this episode Petro speaks to Sean Lewis who is a part-time lecturer for the UCT EMBA. He is also a past student of the programme.

Sean teaches evidence-based management and systems thinking, and he is also interested in integrative thinking. Sean balances his lecturing with a full-time corporate IT role, and still finds space to spend quality time with his students.

Sean has pursued knowledge his entire life. He is a strong, independent thinker, who naturally thrives in an environment where he is empowered to achieve organisational and personal development goals.

In this conversation we hear about Sean's story and how he continuously strove to find ways to study and grow.