MJC welcomes CoCT allocation of additional gravesites

The City of Cape Town has made hundreds of gravesites available to the Muslim community. There have been increasing concerns over burial space in Cape Town, amid the influx of janaazah's in recent weeks and makbara's being filled to capacity. Speaking outside the Maitland cemetery this morning, the Muslim Judicial Council’s second deputy president Sheikh Riyaad Fataar says it follows consultation with President Cyril Ramaphosa, who met with religious and provincial leaders yesterday. Fataar explained that the ground has already been leveled out in Maitland and kibla is being determined. He encouraged the muslim community to make use of the municipal burial space including at Maitland, Delft, Kleinvlei, Modderdam rd and Wallacedene cemeteries. The Western Cape Undertakers Forum last week made an urgent appeal to families not to insist on burying loved ones at specific cemeteries due to the lack of space, as well as to adhere to Covid-19 regulations at janaazah's.