Panel: SA's vaccine roadmap

As millions of South Africans returned to work today wondering what 2021 holds in store for the economy, one of the most important issues is whether people will be able to access the Covid 19 vaccine at sufficient scale to save lives and be able to do away the state of disaster and the risk adjusted levels that have been hampering business and the economy since March last year. In an interview with ENCA, President Ramaphosa said government had "always had a plan". So what is the plan and what are the timelines and rollout strategies?
Michael Avery started the New Year with a panel discussion s Government’s Covid 19 Vaccine Strategy Raises Fresh Questions with Dr Anban Pillay, Deputy Director General responsible for Health Regulation and Sector Wide Procurement of essential medicines in the Health Department and Professor Alex van den Heever, chair in the field of Social Security Systems Administration and Management Studies at the Wit's School of Governance.