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Classic 1027's commitment is first and foremost to classical music.
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Classic Business

A carefully balanced blend of the daily business beat, markets and company news. Serious when required and irreverent when warranted, never boring, always striving to inform, educate and entertain. Stay in tune and keep in touch on Classic1027. Mondays to Thursdays between 17:30 – 19:00 Fridays between 17:30 – 18:00…
29 Jun 2021 12PM 4,345 episodes English Business · Investing

Classic Interviews

Listen to interesting interviews as heard on Classic 1027
23 Jun 2021 7AM 23 episodes English Business · Business

Special Broadcasts

This podcast page is for all special events held on Classic 1027
12 May 2021 2 episodes English Arts · Performing Arts

Classic Lunch Investment Q & A

The Classic Lunch Investment Q & A is proudly brought to you by Emperor Asset Management. Ensure that your investments make sense to you, specifically. Find an investment portfolio based on your investment aspirations, the risk you’re willing to take and timeline you have in mind. Visit Emperor Asset…
17 Mar 2021 4 episodes English Investing · Investing

Fearless Women brought to you by 1st for Women Insurance

Women are pillars in society, whether it’s at a country level, at the companies they work for, or in their families and friendship circles. Women are powerful and are taking on even more decision making responsibilities within the multiple roles they fulfill. In this spirit, 1st for Women and Classic…
3 Aug 2020 20 episodes English Careers · Careers

Stay Well with Solal

Stay Well with Solal is a feature that talks about healthy living tips during Covid-19.
7 May 2020 10 episodes English Health & Fitness · Alternative Health

Small Business Relief with NSBC

Small businesses are a mainstay of South Africa’s economy, and are vital to the future of job creation. With the onset of COVID-19, these essential economic engines are under immense strain. To help bridge small businesses through these challenging times, Classic 1027 teamed up with the National Small Business Chamber…
30 Apr 2020 2AM 22 episodes English Business · Business