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Wits Business School Digital Economy Feature

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Digitalisation is fast becoming the driving force in business. It is giving every organisation, both private and public, the chance to be more agile, more transparent, more innovative and more customer-centric. The organisations that embrace the digital revolution will outperform those that don’t, and this is creating a demand for people with the qualifications to manage the whole process.

This why, in 2016, Wits Business School, in partnership with Telkom/BCX, established the Chair in Digital Business – a first for Africa. The overarching aim of the Chair is to help South African and African businesses thrive in the digital era. In 2019, WBS will welcome the first cohorts in its Masters and Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business. The Chair also offers customised executive education programmes in digital business development.

Wits Business School Sustainability Feature

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The Wits Business School African Energy Leadership Centre (AELC) was established in 2017 with the aim of addressing the issues of energy shortages and a skills deficit in an industry which is of vital, strategic importance to economic growth on the continent. The continent urgently needs a new generation of visionary, solutions-oriented leaders in the energy sector. WBS, through its cutting-edge academic programmes, hopes to play an important role in developing such leaders.

The AELC offers two programmes which are the first of their kind in Africa: a Master of Management in the field of Energy Leadership, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management in the field of Energy Leadership.

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