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New Album "Imagine" Launched

Charl Du Plessis Trio have just launched their brand new album "IMAGINE". Mike Mills sat down with Charl to chat about what to expect on "Imagine"
4 Nov 2020 1AM 13 min

Shireen Hollier Interviews Dr Nigel Plummer of Proven

Immune Health: It is of utmost importance to support the immune system during this uncertain viral period – ProVen Probiotics has a wider range of clinically proven benefits than any other Probiotic Globally. Alongside ProVen friendly bacteria, our products include specific nutrients (vitamins and minerals) to support immunity. We wish…
30 Sep 2020 12PM 5 min

Womens Day Special with Sophie de Bruyn

Sophia Theresa Williams-de Bruyn is a former South African anti-apartheid activist. She was the first recipient of the Women's Award for exceptional national service. She is the last living leader of the Women's March.
10 Aug 2020 4AM 7 min

Womens Day Special with Golda Schultz

“Fast-rising South African soprano, Golda Schultz was a journalism major at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa when she took her first music elective, relevant to her exposure to the arts growing up from her classical music-loving father and theater-loving mother. In the school’s music library, she happened upon a…
10 Aug 2020 3AM 8 min

Mike Mills Talks to Rodger Vorster MD of SA Airlink

Airlink's origins are rooted in three small airlines, Magnum Airlines, Border Air and City Air, which merged to form Link Airways in the '80s. Subsequently, Link Airways was liquidated in 1992. After Rodger Foster and Barrie Webb, the two founders, had successfully bid for the business, they named the newly…
10 Jul 2020 2AM 13 min

Strong Anchor Interview

Shireen Hollier speaks to the publisher of the children’s book Monster in My Neighbourhood
18 Jun 2020 10AM 11 min
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