The murder of Lt. Col Charl Kinnear and why a shift in the police force is needed?

Endemic corruption in the country’s law enforcement agencies has cost South African society dearly. On Friday, we lost one of the country’s top detectives - Lieutenant Colonel Charl Kinnear, a commander in the police’s Anti Gang Unit.

Lieutenant Colonel was brutally gunned down outside his home in Bishop Lavis in what appears to have been a well-orchestrated hit. He had been investigating several cases linked to known underworld figures, and despite this, had no police protection.

In the wake of this tragic murder, questions are being asked about the extent of police corruption and the criminal underworld’s tentacles in the police force. Is a shift needed in the police service? Why should SAPS further strengthen anti-corruption and integrity structures and measures? And how does this corruption affect communities dealing with the daily trauma of crime and violence?

That's what we hope to unpack in Burning Issue this evening:

On the panel are:
-crime activist Hanif Loonat
-crime activist Rashaad Carlson
-Graham Lindhorst, chairperson of the Bishop Lavis CPF
-Peter Ntsime from the South African Policing Union,
-Transnational crime expert Julian Rademeyer