Gatesville traders object to relocation

So a few weeks ago, a meeting was held with informal traders and formal business operators in Gatesville in Athlone, to discuss the City’s plan to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infections as the festive season nears. The meeting came after a letter had been sent, notifying them that the area had been identified as a Covid-19 hot spot.

At this meeting, shop owners and traders were informed of the exact details of the intervention plans by the City. But as we approach the busy season, it seems many traders are not happy with the plans.

Tonight we speak to some traders. Joining us instudio is:

-Naeem Frances of the Gatesville informal Traders Association
-Ubaidullah Safi, Gatesville trader
-‎Joining us via phone will be Gadija Petersen, Gatesville informal Traders Association chairperson
-Later in the show, we get a response from Mayco member for Mayoral Committee Member for Urban Management, Alderman Grant Twigg
-And we chat to Advocate Rod Solomons
Talking points:
-Covid19 is a reality and the president has cautioned against a second wave. Understandably, the city wants to mitigate against this. What are your concerns with this process?