BrandMax Powered by OFM

To have a successful branding campaign, you need to have the right messages, targeting the right audience, with the right frequency on the right medium.
This is our formula for this year’s brand new loyalty programme, brandMAX®
Every business should start its journey to success with a proper brand building campaign, using a reliable medium such as radio to get you results.
During all levels of lockdown, OFM has done some aggressive and very successful market research to understand our audience better. All results during each level showed a significant growth in OFM’s audience. Radio has a very pertinent position in media and our listeners spend an average of 20.5 hours per week, listening to the sound of their lives. This is the highest time spent listening statistic of all radio stations across the country and OFM is very proud to own it.
Currently, the OFM sales team is busy with the commitments for brandMAX® and businesses still have time until 25 September 2020.
This year our offer gives you the option to choose between a six-month or a twelve-month rewards-commitment.
It has never been more important to build your brand, to get customers to trust your brand and to support your business.
Right through this whole pandemic, OFM has been very consistent. Not once have we shut our doors and our frequency was always on. Isn’t itcomforting to know that your brand could be associated with a brand and a medium that has stood the test of time?
For more information regarding OFM’s advertising solutions and/or brandMAX®, contact OFM Sales Manager, Anchen Lintvelt, on 051 505 0934 or send your enquiry to