Wealth Feature: Stock market provides ample returns

As the saying goes change is the only constant unless you’re standing in front of a vending machine. And the one thing that Covid has taught us is that change is inevitable and it’s also exposed how ill equipped many of us are for change on the one hand, perhaps not having an emergency fund, or how adaptable and resilient we can be on the other as we’ve all grown accustomed to working from home in our business on the top party on the bottom work wear. A quick look around will remind us that life can change fast – as we are experiencing in this coronavirus era. Nothing lasts forever, hopefully not even the virus. We certainly don’t, nor do businesses, or leaders, movements or political parties. It is important to remember this in every aspect of life. We get into trouble when our solutions are designed for yesterday’s problems. We need to have a value system that is meaningful and looks to the future. Then we need to live our lives based on the future we desire. Andrew Bradley, former CEO of Old Mutual Wealth, the co-owner, Director and CEO of Fiscal Private Client Services, speaks to Michael Avery about how we should use the pandemic experience to reframe the questions we are asking about our financial wellbeing.
9 Sep 2020 12PM English South Africa Business · Investing

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