Hearing vs listening. Talking youth entrepreneurship and active listening with Lincoln Mali

What makes Lincoln Mali so refreshing and interesting to talk to is that he places such importance on interpersonal relationships within the workplace. He attributes much success in the workplace to simply listening, not judging and being present.

On this week’s Business Unusual podcast, Topco CEO, Ralf Fletcher, sits down with Lincoln, the Chairman of Diner’s Club South Africa, who has been at Standard Bank for 19 years.

Among other topics, Ralf and Lincoln discuss how we can give more opportunities to younger people, the importance of really listening and how to need to relook at how we define success.

Lincoln Mali is an experienced banker with over 20 years in the industry whose core expertise are in the areas of leadership, people management, customer service, sales management and business performance. He has led and managed large and diverse teams across different geographies and business units while also growing and developing many individuals into leadership positions. Lincoln is also a prolific writer and maintains a blog; www.leadershipconversations.co.za in which he writes about topics he is passionate about - some of these include: Leadership, Ethics, Integrity, Transformation and Societal Change.