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As South Africa’s leader in business research, networking and conferencing, Topco Media has helped over 2 500 organisations connect and find value from our events. Over the last 21 years, we have worked with private and public departments and sectors such Microsoft, McDonalds, Mercedes-Benz and Coca Cola and government organisations such as the GCIS, DTI, DIRCO and DEA. The 10 000 organisations we conduct research each year, trust us to use quantitative and qualitative data to objectively grant external accreditation to the best-managed and best-performing companies in South Africa; to its BEE and gender parity leaders; to implementers of national development and to HR/tech innovators. Have a conversation with us today, about what partnership with Topco Media will do for you. Ralf Fletcher | CEO

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Climate change is driving up prices - what can be done? Meet Sanjeev Raghubir

Sanjeev Raghubir is leading the Shoprite Group’s environmental and social sustainability efforts, bringing with him an appreciation for the impact they can have on development and business practices. A speaker at the Old Mutual Future of Sustainability Summit, Sanjeev holds multiple degrees, including an MBA and began his career at the CSIR, as an environmental engineer.

In the latest Business Unusual Podcast, Tonie Samkange, CEO of ThePRHouse, speaks to Shoprite Group Sustainability Manager, Sanjeev Raghubir, about the effect climate change has value chains, the lessons Shoprite has learned in their sustainability initiatives, what large business can do to help communities to deal with climate change and what the future holds for value chains.

She’s a hacker, but an ethical one - Meet Joylynn Kirui

Microsoft Senior Cloud Security Advocate Joylynn Kirui is what is known as a ‘white hat’ - an ethical hacker. Her job is to do everything a hacker would do to compromise a system and she’s always had consistent success doing so. The Africa Tech Week speaker has hacked into everything. It’s no wonder she was named Hacker of the Year in 2020 and recognised as a finalist in the Top 50 Women in Cybersecurity in the same year.

In the latest Business Unusual Podcast, we engage in conversation with Joylynn about why businesses hire hackers and how the African continent is faring on the cybersecurity front. She shares with us the importance of developers, businesses and consumers being aware of security threats and protecting personal data.

Who walks away from a $30-million startup? - Meet angel investor Lelemba Phiri

Having scaled Zoona across the African continent, Lelemba Phiri now manages a R100-million gender-lens investing fund. She’s found the special balance many entrepreneurs and investors are looking for: generating profit while still creating an impact. It was at Zoona that she realised she can make an impact elsewhere and as such Lelemba has dedicated her work to empowering women entrepreneurs.

In the latest Business Unusual Podcast we engage in conversation with Lelemba Phiri about how to attract investors, why she left a successful venture and how it’s possible to make an impact while making a profit. Lelemba shares her journey and explains why gender-lens investing is important.

Nobody wants to do business with someone who doesn't believe in themselves - Meet Mike Abel

When it comes to advertising, Mike Abel is happy to play in the world of perception, but he also realises that “perception is reality” and when it comes to doing business in South Africa, Mike believes we need to be changing our perception of the challenges we are faced with. What we think of the world becomes our reality. As the Chief Executive Partner of M&C SAATCHI ABEL, one of South Africa’s most successful advertising agencies, Mike has had to develop a keen understanding of how products and services are perceived.

In the latest Business Unusual Podcast, Ralf Fletcher, Topco Media CEO, engages in conversation with Mike Abel about the Metaverse, NFT’s, art and why more people and businesses should be staying in South Africa.

He can’t read or write, yet has developed over 3 500 innovations in 20 years - Meet Bob Moesta

To say Bob Moesta is a remarkable human being is a gross understatement. Not many among us can say they literally spoke a book into existence - Bob can. Having had a key role in 3 500 products being developed and brought to the world it would be an understatement to say that his knowledge could fill countless books.

A speaker at the upcoming Africa Tech Week conference, Bob is one of the pioneers of the Jobs-to-be-Done theory and the author of Demand-Side Sales 101: Stop Selling and Help Your Customers Make Progress.

In the latest Business Unusual Podcast, Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco Media engages in conversation with Bob Moesta about how to get people to buy your products.

Smart cities in Africa: Meet Ofentse Mokwena, Strategic Project Lead at Uber sub-Saharan Africa

‘The future is now’ is an oft-repeated phrase but Ofentse Mokwena has a spin on it that reflects the focused, forward thinking nature of his work at Uber sub-Saharan Africa: “The Future of Work is now.” A speaker at the upcoming Africa Tech Week conference, Mokwena has a background in both business and academia, lecturing, researching, publishing papers and adding his expertise in transport economics to the industry.

In the latest Business Unusual Podcast we engage in conversation with Uber sub-Saharan Africa’s Strategic Project Lead, Ofentse Mokwena about building smart cities in Africa and the challenges faced by the infrastructure sector. Ofentse tells us about the journey from seeing the township transport system, to now imagining what the future of work looks like, and envisioning the infrastructure needed to support it.

Why is everyone afraid to talk about sales - CEO Sean Riley

To say Sean Riley’s journey to success sounds like the storyline of a movie would be an understatement. From a 110km motorcycle commute to school in South Africa, packing turf on a truck in London while it snows, teaching himself how to write code that Credit Suisse used for almost two decades, selling a business that went on to staggering success and now running a business whose clients are multinationals: Twitter, Spotify, Snapchat and Verizon Media. There’s very little Sean Riley hasn’t done and very little opportunities he hasn’t taken, to tremendous success.

In the latest Business Unusual podcast, Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco Media engages in conversation with Sean Riley on how telling your story and speaking to people’s emotions is integral to sales. Sean shares riveting stories and offers expert advice for sales success.

South African self-made millionaire Stafford Masie - Focusing on humanity

Focusing on humanity: Stafford Masie talks about how empathy and love can drive change and success

Stafford Masie has seen it all and done it all, and is now offering up his experience and expertise as a member of various boards and lecturer at business schools. He’s gone from an analyst to a tech investor and is widely known as the man who brought Google to South Africa. Stafford considers himself lucky to have been able to have seen the birth of the internet as we know it, working in the US and South Africa as the technological landscape shifted and has gathered a treasure trove of knowledge.

In the latest Business Unusual podcast, Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco Media engages in conversation with Stafford Masie on how focusing on empathy,love and conviction can influence the teams and business we build and what this entails for the future. Stafford shares lessons from Google and gives tips on getting a competitive edge in what he terms as our “iPhone moment”.

Rethinking healthcare - Dr. Brian Ruff & Dr. Visegan Subrayen

Rethinking the legacy way of doing things: PPO Serve’s Dr. Brian Ruff & Dr. Visegan Subrayen talk innovative healthcare

Dr. Brian Ruff and Dr. Visegan Subrayen sit at the helm of PPO Serve, who offer innovative solutions for the delivery of care. They identified inefficiencies with doctors working in silos, instead of multidisciplinary teams, and a global lack of patient-centric management systems. Dr. Ruff, CEO and co-founder, is a rheumatologist with a qualification in Health Economics and experience in both the private and public sector. Dr. Subrayen, COO, spent time as a clinician before moving into hospital management and going the entrepreneurial route after his MBA.

In the latest Business Unusual podcast, Fiona Wakelin, Topco Media Group Editor engages in conversation with Dr. Ruff and Dr. Subrayen to discuss thinking differently about the healthcare system. They give an overview of how they are bringing innovation to the primary healthcare sector, breaking traditional, isolated ways of working and why collaboration is important.
2021’s Marc Privett focus on being people-purposed

How can you be sure you are hiring for fit in 2021 & beyond? Listen to’s Marc Privett focus on being people-purposed

Marc Privett is the General Manager of Careers24 and at Media24 (Pty) Ltd., South Africa's leading jobs destination. He has extensive marketing, product and operational management experience with leading online organisations both locally and abroad. He has worked with FTSE100 companies and start-ups alike within the online classifieds, gaming and search spaces, with a focus on maximising revenue and market share.

This year, Marc will be in attendance at the Future of HR Summit and Awards, happening 23-24 November. has been a strategic partner of this event for the past few years, and this year the company will be taking on the position of the coveted Gold Sponsor.

In the latest Business Unusual podcast, Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco Media, engages in conversation with Marc as they discuss his evolution in the industry and top tips on building good cultures in organisations. Marc goes in depth on themes such as the need for mobility and flexibility as a result of the pandemic, recruitment challenges and solutions, and keeping abreast of digital trends.

Marc Privett has held various business leadership roles within online businesses, with a focus on revenue and market share growth. He possesses over 21 years local and international general business management, product management, digital marketing and business operational management experience with a focus on maximising revenue and market share. Marc also oversaw the development of, a cloud-based recruitment process management solution aimed at the South African market. has gained a leadership position in its market and proudly supports some of South Africa's most well known companies.

“Transformation Informs Sustainable Success!” — Mfundo Nkuhlu, COO at the Nedbank Group

Mfundo Clement Nkuhlu, Chief Operating Officer at the Nedbank Group, has served within the financial services company for more than 16 years. Mfundo holds a BA (Hons), Strategic Management in Banking (Insead), and has completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School, in the USA. Mfundo believes that banks need to navigate through dramatic changes in innovation and regulation, and that in working with others it is his responsibility to be able to anticipate and assess impact on his people, the work environment, the business operating model, the culture and diversity, and solutions to the market.

In the latest Business Unusual podcast, Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco Media, engages in conversation with Mfundo Nkuhlu to discuss value creation, being able to adapt, and how strategies are changing due to digital disruption. Mfundo goes in-depth on Smart Work, monitoring progress, successful execution of Transformation strategies, and culture alignment.

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