Is public trust in the ANC at an all time low?

So president Cyril Ramphosa in his weekly newsletter yesterday that corruption during a national disaster is a particularly heinous type of crime, and perpetrators are going to be dealt with decisively and harshly. He writes that its difficult to understand the utter lack of conscience that leads a businessperson who has heeded the call to provide lifesaving supplies during a pandemic to inflate the price of a surgical mask by as much as 900%.
Of course Ramaphosa’s article comes amid public outrage with the rampant corruption in the government over illegal tenders and other shady dealings during the pandemic. Things reached boiling point at an ANC NEC meeting this past weekend, where fingers were pointed. And then on social media, the hashtag “VoetsekANC” has been trending for days.
Is public trust in the ANC at an all-time low? Our guest this morning is Political Analyst from the North West University, Prof Andre Duvenhage