Growing calls for Judge Mogoeng to withdraw remarks on Israel

Criticism against Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng is mounting, with several more organisations voicing their anger in response to his remarks on Israel. Judge Mogoeng had a webinar discussion with South Africa chief rabbi Warren Goldstein hosted by the Jerusalem Post last week, in which he criticised the ANC government’s position on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. During the discussion, Mogoeng said he believes that as a Christian, he is obligated to love Israel and said that those who curse the Zionist state will be cursed…certainly raising lots of eyebrows
As Mogoeng’s comments gained traction on Friday, the People Against Apartheid and Fascism (PAAF) joined the chorus of criticism against him. One of the members Mahmoud Patel joins us now… He is an international legal scholar and is based at the Academic Planning Unit at UWC.