100 days of COVID19: Challenges of Muslim

Friday marked 100 days since South Africans were informed of the first Covid-19 patient and the country has seen a steady increase in cases and deaths. At first, the bulk of the country's cases were "imported" cases from foreigners entering the country and citizens returning from overseas trips. And then it was towards the end of March that the country began seeing cases of community transmission. Last night, South Africa breached the 100 000 mark with 101 590 COVID19 cases and 1 991 deaths. Experts say we are closely heading to the peak of the virus and we see this every day, by the amount of janazahs we read out on air.

In tonight’s, we look at the changing landscape of Muslim burial over the past 100 days. What are the challenges, what are the patterns and why?

In the first part of the show:
-We chat to Mr Ebrahim Solomons of Haathiem Al Lathaat Burial Services. He’s also the chairperson of the Western Cape Undertakers Forum
-Independent undertaker Yagha Canfield joins us a bit later
-After 8: We go up north to look at burial challenges with the Johannesburg based Saaberie Chisty Society (pronounced Sabri Chees-tee)
-And we chat to Muhammad Wadee of Muslim Stats SA on some interesting trends they are analyzing with the regards to covid19 in the Muslim community
23 Jun 2020 English South Africa News

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