Betty Turner & Character Illustrations

Join host Emily Newman as she sits down with mixed media artist Betty Turner. Learn more about her unique style of illustrations, and how her family and the people around her influences her drawings. Find out more about Jack Loeb and his abstract, expressionistic pieces, and the materials that he enjoys experimenting with. Sheila Scruggs interviews Josh Barnwell to find out more about how he incorporates nature into his art and jewelry. Emily also chats with Raven Williamson of Raw Artt to learn more about her digital and painted art pieces, and how she got started creating art.

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29 Mar 2020 English United States Arts · Society & Culture

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The Scene: Kat Starr Music

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she visits with Kat Starr, of Kat Starr Music here in Cookeville. They discuss how Kat got started in playing music, where Kat gets her song inspirations and some tips she gives on getting those inspirations, and what the process is like to sign up…
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New Appalachian Center For Craft Program Manager

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with painter, sculptor, and the new Program Manager for the Appalachian Center For Craft, Ashley Lusiettot. They discuss her background coming from Wisconsin, her preferred mediums of painting and sculpting, as well as her style of art, as well as the upcoming…
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Meet Baxter Artist Ken West

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Malia Meyer & Jewelry And Gemstone Making

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with jewelry and gemstone maker Malia Meyer. They discuss how she got started making gemstones out of recycled CDs, what she did before getting into jewelry making while on the path to becoming a youth pastor and going after an education degree,…
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Veston Phillipi & Art Education

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with Tennessee Tech University Art Education student Veston Phillipi. They discuss what he does as an artist, how he decided on art education, some of the projects that he has worked on with his art class, the types of projects that he…
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