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Spotlight a growing and vibrant arts community in the Upper Cumberland with The Scene on Lite Rock 95.9. Host Andrea Kruszka interviews local artists, performers, and more to learn what goes into their craft and why. Find out where their ideas and talents originate, while also keeping a pulse on upcoming performances and galleries around the Upper Cumberland each week on The Scene.

Showcase local talent from across the Upper Cumberland with Andrea Kruszka and The Scene - Sunday mornings 8-10am on Lite Rock 95.9
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The Scene: Meet Cookeville Fiber Artist Katelyn Dunn

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she meets with Katelyn Dunn, a fiber artist from Cookeville. The two talk about what she specializes in with fiber arts being an umbrella term, where all of her different inspirations come from, and Katelyn's process from collecting the wool to how she makes it…
11 Jun 15 min

The Scene: Meet Cookeville Photographer & Film Student Ben Weaver

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she visits with Ben Weaver, a Cookeville photographer and film student. The two discuss going to film school but also wanting to develop his skills in photography, how film school is going and the things it has in common with photography, and some of Ben's…
4 Jun 15 min

The Scene: Meet Owner of the Arts Garage Karyn Walker

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she talks with the owner of the Arts Garage, Karyn Miller. They look at discussing Karyn's DIY studio that both tourists and locals alike find interesting, some of her most interesting guests that she's encountered, and what stands out about this area and stories about…
21 May 15 min

The Scene: Meet Ceramics Artist Sandy Miller & Photographer Bill Miller

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she meets with Cookeville ceramic artist Sandy Miller and photographer Bill Miller. The group looks at Sandy and Bill's background with one working in ceramics and the other in photography, some of the photography that Bill has produced that's apart of a show, and what…
14 May 15 min

The Scene: The Biz Foundry's Tiffany Anton

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she talks to Tiffany Anton from The Biz Foundry. The duo discusses what makes Made Here Market different from other markets in the area like this, some of the vendors that'll be apart of this year's market, and helping the makers see their trade as…
23 Apr 16 min

The Scene: Tennessee Tech Fashion Department Major Seth Overton

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with fashion department major and TTU senior Seth Overton. The duo talks on Seth's introduction to fashion and having interest in seeing the outfits on different Red Carpet events, working on a photoshoot for the May issue of Cookeville Lifestyle Magazine, and…
16 Apr 16 min

The Scene: Hooked On Handmade

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she visits with crochet artist and owner of Hooked On Handmade, Zoey Hook. Andrea and Zoey talk about picking up crocheting after being unable to paint after her eyesight declining, some of the favorite projects she's done and styles she uses, and Zoey's inspirations that…
9 Apr 16 min

The Scene: Tennessee Tech Music Professor Craig Zamer

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she meets with Craig Zamer, a TTU professor from the School of Music. Craig talks about how a certain musical Craig saw as a kid led him to a career in music, the "Unity in the Community" event Craig conducted in 2020 and some of…
2 Apr 16 min

The Scene: Prescott South Middle School Cast of Little Mermaid Jr.

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she meets with Prescott South Middle School Music Teacher Ashley Francis and the cast of the school's play The Little Mermaid Jr. The group goes over how Ashley Francis, the producer/director, chose this production, all of the stuff that went into the production like the…
26 Mar 16 min

The Scene: Kat Starr Music

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she visits with Kat Starr, of Kat Starr Music here in Cookeville. They discuss how Kat got started in playing music, where Kat gets her song inspirations and some tips she gives on getting those inspirations, and what the process is like to sign up…
19 Mar 16 min

New Appalachian Center For Craft Program Manager

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with painter, sculptor, and the new Program Manager for the Appalachian Center For Craft, Ashley Lusiettot. They discuss her background coming from Wisconsin, her preferred mediums of painting and sculpting, as well as her style of art, as well as the upcoming…
12 Mar 16 min

Meet Baxter Artist Ken West

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with Baxter artist Ken West. They discuss how his brother's art inspired him to take up drawing, the various mediums he enjoys working in, his favorite kind of background noise and music to have while working, as well as his experience moving…
5 Mar 16 min

Malia Meyer & Jewelry And Gemstone Making

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with jewelry and gemstone maker Malia Meyer. They discuss how she got started making gemstones out of recycled CDs, what she did before getting into jewelry making while on the path to becoming a youth pastor and going after an education degree,…
26 Feb 16 min

Veston Phillipi & Art Education

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with Tennessee Tech University Art Education student Veston Phillipi. They discuss what he does as an artist, how he decided on art education, some of the projects that he has worked on with his art class, the types of projects that he…
19 Feb 16 min

Art Love With Molly Perry

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with graphic designer, and Founder of Art Love, Molly Perry. They discuss what Art Love is, its goal, and where the idea came from, who some of the artists participating in the event are, as well as what the deciding factor for…
12 Feb 16 min

Art Education And Ceramics With Becca Pitts

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with Tennessee Tech University Art Education major, and ceramics artist, Becca Pitts. They discuss how her wood working artist dad influenced her interest in art, where her focus is and her preferred medium of ceramics, as well as how her experience student…
5 Feb 16 min

Arty Gras 2023

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with Kathleen Gilpatrick and Jennifer Shank. They discuss what Arty Gras is, its origins, and how it celebrates Tennessee Tech University's College of Fine Arts, the tickets, prices, and various table themes that are offered, as well as an overview of TTU's…
29 Jan 16 min

Samantha Ingold & Bone And Skull Art

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with bone and skull artist Samantha Ingold of Odd Fox Co. They discuss her style, what being a bone and skull artist entails, how painting on canvas differs from painting on the real bones that she uses, and the creative freedom that…
15 Jan 16 min

Tess Mann & Wedding Dress Design

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with Tess Mann, Owner and Designer at Couture By Tess Bridal in Cookeville. They discuss her background, how she's been designing since she was around 11 years old, the response she's received on having a bridal shop in Cookeville, as well as…
8 Jan 16 min

Bruce Heard & The Munkey Wrench

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with Bruce Heard, owner of The Munkey Wrench in Cookeville. They discuss what The Munkey Wrench is, and the items that are for sale there, how he finds inspiration in music, movies, and old toys, as well as how his business has…
18 Dec 2022 16 min
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