Alfajiri - The New Hub For Creatives And Entrepreneurs In Maboneng Beth Malatji, Alfajiri’s Co-Founder

The "new brain hub of Maboneng hub" - Alfajiri.

Alfajiri hub’s mission is to “create a productive Africa” through training, re-skilling and building business networks and support communities in all industries especially the technology space. Our hub is a place for the driven to learn, re-skill themselves, exchange ideas and collaborate.

This will be achieved through hosting events i.e. workshops, talks, hackathons, seminars, debates, conferences and more."

Alfajiri Hub is located in the downtown Johannesburg district of Maboneng which is seen as a symbol of the city's revival and a centre for creatives and entrepreneurs. The vision for the space which was opened earlier this year is to foster innovation and contribute to urban regeneration efforts already taking place around the Maboneng precinct through events, workshops, seminars, hackathons and meetups aimed at helping to close the digital skills gap.