Political winds of change: Could anyone contest Malema as head of the EFF and will the DA be a "whitewash"?

“All positions will be contested. All members of the EFF are available to take up the leadership positions. We are available, but not for positions we may not have the capacity to occupy,” said EFF party leader Julius Malema, while addressing the media on Monday.

Malema perhaps gave the clearest indication that he would be contesting for a second term in the top position as president, saying he did not have the skill set required for other positions in the party, such as Secretary-General and Treasurer-General.

With speculation mounting that Dali Mpofu is gearing up to contest Malema for the top job, Mpofu refused to answer when that question was put to him.

In this week’s episode, the Sunday Times politics team asks the question, could any other EFF members contest Malema as leader of the party and actually come out successful?