Paramedic attacks and the impact it has on EMS services

Attacks on EMS services has become a nationwide problem as criminal target the very people who are called out to provide a critical service. This comes as two paramedics of the Western Cape’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were attacked while responding to a call in Nyanga area.
Last month hundreds of EMS workers took their frustrations to the streets of Bloemfontein to voice concern about the increased attacks on emergency medical services (EMS) personnel. The Free State protesters not only marched for safer working conditions but also salary increments, payment of overdue overtime, and complaints over unfair dismissals.
To give us insight on attacks of EMS services in the Western Cape is Doctor Mpho Mpogeng President of Emergency Personnel Union, Shaheem De Vries Head of Western Cape Government Health Emergency Medical Services & Raveen Naidoo National Director of EMS and Disaster Management at the Health Department