#0  #SidebarWithSindi: : #LetsTalkBipolar - Beating Bipolar Stigma Together

Bipolar Disorder affects up to 1% of the population in South Africa - which sounds like a low number but when you take in consideration that there are over 56 million people in SA, 1% is a large number.

People living with Bipolar Disorder have extreme mood swings, from a high that feels like you are on top of the world, to a very deep depression, that impacts on their daily functioning including work, home and relationships. Bipolar Disorder is more than just mood swings. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of misinformation about Bipolar Disorder, especially the stigma which prevents a lot of people from seeking help or disclosing their diagnosis.

• What Causes This Disorder?
• Is it hereditary?
• Is there a specific age at which the disorder manifests?
• How does the disorder present in Children and Teengers?
• What are the biggest Myths about the disorder?