#0  #SidebarWithSindi: The Psychology Of Beauty - What Informs Our Conceptions And Perceptions Of Beauty?

Many factors can play into personal attractiveness — the way you dress, the way you act, the way you carry yourself, even things that are hard or impossible to change, like social status and wealth, race, and body size and shape. But the first thing we notice when we meet someone is their face. There are faces that launch a thousand ships, and faces that only a mother could love, and we are supremely attuned to tell the difference…

The brain, among its many other functions, is a beauty detector.

Join Dr Sindi Van Zyl and her guest Clinical Psychologist, Dr Lungile Lechesa, as they look for answers to questions like:

• At what age is our perception of beauty formed?
• Who defines beauty?
• How do we define beauty as a society and as individuals?
• What are the key factors that influence our definition of beauty?
• What is The Beauty Bias?