#03 Do's and Don'ts

The most important rule in any recording studio is to regard the microphones as “live” at all times. If you don’t want something recorded, don’t say it.

Do not enter any studio without permission and invitation from the host or their technical team. Many studios have a red light at the door indicating that a recording is in progress. Wait for a green light to show that the recording has either stopped or is paused, and confirm we’re OK to enter. Enter the studio cautiously and don’t say anything until you have established that the studio is not live.When in doubt, remember rule #1 and regard the microphones as live.

If at any stage during a recording, you are uncomfortable with the situation or your speech, or if you are aware that there is a technical glitch such as a drop in your voice level, stop the recording. Some hosts may not notice your discomfort of the faults so it’s really useful for you to stay aware.

Don’t chase the microphone, sit comfortably and relax, the the studio team will move the microphone to where you are. Remember, moving affects sound level and we want you to sound your best, so work on staying a constant distance from the mic.

After you've been talking for a while and have developed a bit of rapport with your host, it's quite natural for the microphone to start feeling like an obstacle and you may find you start to talk around it, or in extreme cases, you might even be tempted to push it out of the way. Please don't. Always stay close to the mic and talk through it to your host and other guests.

Pops and click noises usually indicate your mouth is a little dry. This is common, especially your first few times in the studio. We’ll provide you with a bottle of still water, and if you want more, just indicate this to your host.

Please remove the lid from your water before you start so you’re not distracted by it later, and so you avoid making additional noise when opening during the interview. When you need a sip, simply move away from th
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