11 Dec Interview: VALR.com CEO Farzam Ehsani

Former Rand Merchant Bank blockchain lead Farzam Ehsani returns to the TechCentral podcast to talk about his latest venture, cryptocurrency exchange VALR.com.
In the podcast, Ehsani explains why he left RMB to start VALR, what the start-up does, who it's targeted it and who's backing it.
He explains why VALR has partnered with US company Bittrex, why he believes the company's fee structure and access to a large number of cryptocurrencies gives it an edge over rivals, and its expansion plans.
VALR uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning for identity validation, and Ehsani explains how this works.
He also provides his views on the cryptocurrency bear market of 2018 and where the market might be going next.
It's a fascinating discussion. Be sure not to miss it!
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