Interview: Luno country manager Marius Reitz

In this episode of the podcast, Duncan McLeod interviews Luno South Africa country manager Marius Reitz.
In the interview, they discuss the cryptocurrency market and where it’s going. Has the value of bitcoin bottomed? Where is it going next? Will it ever be a widely accepted transactional payment mechanism? And what are the pitfalls people should be aware of when investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Reitz also talks about the history of Luno – from its founding in South Africa to the various investment rounds it has gone through to its expansion into 40 markets around the world. He gives his view on where the business is going, in both South Africa and abroad.
He explains why Luno only offers access to two cryptocurrencies – bitcoin and ether – and talks about why the company has been reluctant to add new coins to its portfolio of offerings.
The conversation turns to how the perception of crypto investing has changed and how people use the Luno platform today compared to a year ago. It also touches on security and how Luno keeps its customers’ investments secure from cybercriminals.
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