#7  Live Presentations: 1. Which car is best? 2.Customer Service ChatBots 3.Property Rating Scale

1.Bernard Spies & Jacqueline Calitz – Head of Lifecycle Analytics & Data Scientist with FNB
2.Eric Kagou & Bhaviata Parbhoo – Software Developer & Analytics Manager with FNB
3.Godfrey Kgoedi & Bhaviata Parbhoo – Quantitative Analyst & Analytics Manager with FNB

Bernard has a PhD from the University of Leicester, researching machine learning models to classify land cover classes from satellite imagery. In addition, he has 9 years’ experience in model development within the banking environment. The Head of Lifecycle Analytics at WesBank, where his team focuses on understanding customer behaviour through advanced analytics.

Jacqueline has an honours degree in Finance and 8 years banking experience. Recently completed a certificate in Graphic Design. Works (and plays) as a Data Scientist in the Lifecycle Analytics team at WesBank building models and visualisation tools, using advanced analytics, to help understand customer behaviour.

Eric has been a tech developer in the financial and banking industry for over 10 years working in designing, building web and mobile application, as well as application to automate network and infrastructure. His current work and research focus on Natural Language Processing “NLP” and network graphs.

Bhaviata has a degree in Computational and Applied Maths and Computer Science, a nearly qualified actuarial student. 6.5 years banking experience across the fields of retail and commercial credit analytics as and wider analytics applications. A manager in the FNB Advanced Analytics area, which focuses on developing analytical solutions across the First Rand Group.

Godfrey is a specialist in big data and analytics such as Netezza, Machine Learning and AI to draw insights and drive key business decisions. 8 years of experience working with data and analytics and two data, analytics and systems related honours degrees (Computer Science and Mathematical Statistics).