#5  Live Presentation: Banking Analytics

Pravin Burra & FC de Vos

Pravin Burra - Head: Customer Insights & Analytics, Personal & Business Banking at Standard Bank Group

An actuary by training I have a passion for the efficient use of models to add value and manage risk. I am a strict advocate of good model governance and believe that models should help inform business decisions but cannot in isolation give rise to decisions directly.

FC de Vos - Founder at Analytix Engine
We live in a world where our daily needs are being met by corporations who are continuously evolving to become more and more in tune with how we would like to live our lives. It excites me to support this client-centric culture by employing cutting-edge analytical solutions to help guide organisations in this journey.

I have chosen to blend the strategic, ethical and financial elements of the actuarial profession with innovative analytical toolsets such as machine learning and big data as the base I work from.
Having gained experience in using this toolset both in consulting and corporate environments to meet the needs of customers in various sectors and industries, I believe organisations can leverage this experience to improve the way they do business in new ways.

If you are looking for some keywords, here you go:
strategy | retail | actuarial | big data | spark | hadoop | sas | machine learning | python | R | data science | data scientist | voice to text