Global Leadership Master Class: Toxic vs Authentic Leadership

The panel of Adriaan with Tineke Wulffers (Moya Institute), plus Arthie Moore and Jan Robberts (KI Leadership Institute) discuss a recent twitter poll showing that 92% of people agreed that the problem of toxic leadership is destroying our world: economically, politically, socially, morally, health-wise. We need a greater and more co-ordinated effort to create awareness of authentic leaders/ship. We need to get better at developing them.
10 Sep 2018 English South Africa Business · Health & Fitness

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SME Interview: New Distribution Channels

Richard Angus and Safiyyah Boolay chat to Veronica Shangali Aswani, Co-Founder/Director of WAVUNOW, about how she has created new distribution channels for traditional African crafts.
19 Jun 2017 27 min

SME Interview: John Campbell

The panel, including Safiyyah Boolay of New Habits, chats to John Campbell, a disruptive innovator, about the impact of Fintech on traditional business models.
22 May 2017 29 min

Youth Leadership Platform (Part 1) - Fighting Against Violence

Voice It In Action is an organisation founded by Kgothatso Moloto that aims to fight violence against men, women and children. What was the real reason the organisation was started, and what exactly does it do in its fight against violence?
24 Oct 2016 19 min