Nominated by her colleague Carla, Ingrid Phaala has had an incredibly difficult time lately. The victim of domestic violence, Ingrid has always been a resilient woman. This hard-working single mother was shot in the face and has lost some sight in her right eye and lost the physical left eye. She’s since had two maxillofacial surgeries and two eye surgeries.

Positive throughout this ordeal, Ingrid's medical expenses are astronomical as she only has a hospital plan and has needed to pay in an extra R40 000 from her pocket.

Hot Cares would like to cover the cost of the prosthetic eye as well as help to cover a few other medical expenses which may still be outstanding.

We are also aware that the last few months may have taken their toll, both emotionally and financially and we would like to give her a bit of ‘me’ time and have arranged a hair and nail voucher she can spoil herself. Total value is R20 000.

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