11 Jun Tana Baru land unpacked

This morning we take a step back and further discuss the issues around the auctioning of two pockets of land at the historic Tana Baru cemetery. According to the Tana Baru Trust, Claremart will auction the land at a reserved price of R20 million at the end of June. The two erven constitute 20 per cent of the cemetery and are owned by two Muslim families.
So since the story broke on Friday, many people have asked questions about how these families came to own land considered as a heritage site for the Muslim community. It’s certainly an interesting history, well documented in the late Dr Achmat Davids book "The History of the Tana Baru" published in 1985 by the Committee for the Preservation of the Tana Baru.
To unpack this further, we have Cassim Abdullah, a relative of Tana Baru inheritors. Later we chat to Dr Adiel Bassier from the Tana Baru Trust
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