Oil flies high while Iron Ore & Bitcoin slump

The Rand weakened for a sixth straight session on Friday (-1.3%) and the stock market remained soggy, falling another ½% - with all major indices lower. Commodity catch up: Gold lower ahead of ECN and US Fed meeting this week (especially after last week’s US consumer inflation number). Oil is at 5 month highs and Iron Ore has slumped after Chinese data printed lower than expected. Curro have announced the listing of their tertiary business. STAR will list on Wednesday after being 4.8x oversubscribed. HCI (Hosken Consolidated Investments) will carve out their transport business Bolden Arrow Bus Services) – in true complicated HCI fashion. And what is happening with Bitcoin now? It's down almost 30% in the last six sessions.
18 Sep 2017 English South Africa Business · Investing

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