Bantu Reflections

The ladies reflect on last week's parody show, Your Bantu Servant and You. They try to figure out what parts of this whacky document by the Department of Non-European Affairs of 1962 are fact or fiction in present day South Africa. They also introduce us to an official open letter published by the domestic workers of the Ma(i)de Sessions this week titled, 'Dear Madam'.
8 Sep 2016 English South Africa Society & Culture · Health & Fitness

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The Ma(i)de Sessions - Raising South Africans Pt 1

Domestic workers play an integral role in the raising of South Africa's children. They are in many ways the co-parents of our nation. Find out what they think we may be missing as we raise future generations of South African adults.
21 Apr 2016 1 hour

The Ma(i)de Sessions - Introduction

Domestic workers and cleaners occupy a unique position in society. They are simultaneously the most ubiquitous and invisible among us. The Ma(i)de Sessions advocates that these women have the potential to be the most powerful and astute social commentators as they hold a mirror to ourselves, to our children and…
11 Apr 2016 51 min

The Ma(i)de Sessions - Raising South Africans Pt 2

Lerato's mother was a domestic worker. When her and her husband died, Lerato was taken in and raised by her mother's white employers. From that day she has taken a 360 degree journey around South African identity politics. Talk about a trip. Listen in to this candid and authentic conversation…
28 Apr 2016 1 hr 30 min

The Ma(i)de Sessions - The Matrix

Lindiwe Shibambo is a bit like Neo. Her strengths defy the rules of social mobility. Recently she told us her amazing South African story - kicking ass and taking names, whilst moving between socio-economic brackets with the mad skills of a ninja. Later, she's joined by two lady comrades to…
5 May 2016 1 hr 02 min

The Ma(i)de Sessions - We. will. know. us.

Domestic work is an interesting probe into our evolution as a society. @maideproject are joined by talented and nuanced sociologist, Ragi Bashonga, for a much-needed reflective session on who, why and where we are: as Ma(i)de, as South Africans; as humans.
12 May 2016 1 hr 07 min