An Ironman match made in Heaven

Two great 32Gi fuelled Ironman athletes, James Cunnama and Jodie Swallow, recently announced their engagement. We caught up with the dynamic long distance triathlon duo just before the announcement, on this edition of 32Gi Sports Nutrition. Don’t miss fuelling tips from two of the best!
31 Mar 2016 English South Africa Health & Fitness · Sports

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How different types of athletes utilise energy

As athletes, we all utilise energy differently. Your average man on the street running a marathon; will consume energy differently from the likes of a professional Kenyan runner. On this episode of 32Gi Sports Nutrition we look at the different types of athletes; and how their bodies tend to utilise…
24 Mar 2016 10 min

Endurance and your body's Energy System

So what is meant by Endurance? On this episode of 32Gi Sports Nutrition; Mark Wolff breaks it down, and has a great analogy to explain it. We also look at the Energy System and how your body fuels itself during exercise. So what is the best fuel source? Hear more…
9 Mar 2016 10 min

32Gi - your portal to sports nutrition information

On the first episode of 32Gi Sports Nutrition, hosts David "Mr. Active" Katz and 32Gi Director and nutritional expert Mark Wolff; introduce the podcast. Hear not only how 32Gi got started, but also how Mark became a nutritional guru, and what you can look forward to from the podcasts.
2 Mar 2016 10 min

Caroline Wostmann - how an Ultra champion fuels

This week on 32Gi Sports Nutrition, we are joined by Caroline Wostmann. She comes full circle on Easter weekend in South Africa, as she heads back to the scene of her first Ultra victory, the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon. So how does an Ultra champion fuel?
17 Mar 2016 8 min

Why you need Protein in your diet

Protein is key when it comes to exercise and being an athlete. Muscle recovery is just one of the functions that it performs. But how much should you be eating? How often should you be consuming it? Hear this and more from Mark Wolff on this episode of 32Gi Sports…
6 Apr 2016 8 min