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Why 32Gi Endure remains so enduring

Want to train and race, while consuming nutrition without a spike and crash? 32Gi Endure remains one of the most enduring products on the market when it comes to stable release! Not only does it utilise a great mix of carbohydrates, but it helps burn fat while you are at it! Diabetics and kids, it is also safe for you!

Bongmusa Mthembu on Comrades prep

As 2018 rolls into February, we catch up with defending Comrades Marathon Champion Bongmusa Mthembu. He has some fantastic advice for novices heading into this month; while also hear about the new altitude training hotspot, for South Africa’s ultra-running elite.

How to plan your plate in 2018

2018 has arrived, and if you are still unsure how to plan your plate, Mark Wolff has a great strategy. Whether you’re an endurance athlete or not, planning your plate can have a huge benefit on your lifestyle. Don’t miss out on this episode of the 32Gi Sports Nutrition podcast!

The ONE thing no athlete can do without

Want some water for thought? On this episode of 32Gi Sports Nutrition, Mark Wolff shares how to handle water absorption when training and racing. This includes signs to read, ideas for helping you to absorb water better, stay at an optimal hydration level, and reduce the chances of fatigue.

Tasty & effective recovery combo

Mark Wolff’s alias of the fitness freak, doesn’t only apply to how he trains; but more importantly how he fuels! He has a really incredible recovery drink (which can be used during endurance exercise as well), which features both 32Gi Recover and TrueStart Coffee. Hear more on our latest podcast.

Glen Gore on 226 Brick Challenge

32Gi has teamed up with former pro-triathlete Glen Gore, as he gets set to host the inaugural MiWayLife 226 Brick Challenge, in 2018. On this episode of 32Gi Sports Nutrition, we chat to Glen, who gives us the lowdown on this fresh and unique event.
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Determine your recovery meal carb amount

In our previous 32Gi Sports Nutrition podcast we talked fasted training. When doing this recovery becomes all the more important. But how do you determine what recovery meal you need, and in this instance, how much carbohydrate do you need to put back? Mark Wolff has a great trick…

Why it's time to become fat adapted

Intermittent fasting or fasted training can revolutionise the way you train and race. On this episode of 32Gi Sports Nutrition, Mr Active, David Katz, chats to Mark Wolff about going through this adaptation. While it can be live changing, you need to take baby steps. Here is how to start…

A nutrition journey worth being part of!

There is a reason why Mark Wolff is known as the Fitness Freak! A very important element (in fact the most important!) to his fitness regime, is nutrition. Mark has become extremely active in blogging his experiences, to help guide and educate everyone on good nutrition. There are some great benefits as well to joining his & 32Gi’s newsletters.

Cycling 101 - avoid 'hitting the wall'!

There is a terrible place that many a cyclist have been, it’s called ‘hitting the wall’ or ‘bonking’. On this episode of 32Gi Sports Nutrition, Mark Wolff tells us how one gets to this point; but more importantly, how one avoids getting to this point.

Hydrate is brilliant for MTB riders (among others)

Hydration is key in any sport, but when riding a bike it is imperative! Our new product, Hydrate is a fantastic addition to our range. Mountain bikers especially can benefit immensely by adding a tab to their water. On this episode of 32Gi Sports Nutrition, we chat to South African sub-junior Champion, Chloe Bateson about the sport, and her nutrition.
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How to #GetInTheZone with nutrition

As part of our continued desire to educate not only our customers, but all athletes on good nutritional practices, and healthy, clean eating options. We have added video content to our multi-media repertoire. Having recently launched our zonal training guide; on this episode of the 32Gi Sport Nutrition podcast, Mark Wolff talks us through how heart rate training and nutrition, are so indispensably linked.

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