32Gi 32Gi Endurance Addict

32Gi Endurance Addict

At 32Gi we understand what goes into being an "Endurance Addict".

We know that the first step of every endurance goal takes courage, and often massive effort.

We know that to excel it requires a goal, discipline, dedication and consistency.

Whether you are an avid King Of the Mountain Cyclist, beginner Road Runner, or Multi-Sport Athlete; we pledge to provide you with the unrivalled knowledge of nutrition, health, training and racing to lead a proper healthy and successful endurance lifestyle.
Weekly English South Africa Health & Fitness · Sports Narrated by Mark Wolff
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Enie Manzini - a Comrades shinning light

To run the Comrades Marathon at the top level is no mean feat; but try doing that as a single mom with a demanding job. Enie Manzini works long hours, but that doesn’t stop her fore filling her dreams. She ran to 19th in 2019, smashing her PB; you are…
13 Jun 2019 9 min

Bongmusa, Khasta & Shaun talk Comrades 2019

Each Comrades Marathon has plenty of stories, 2019 was no different. We bring you three of the best; double defending champion Bongmusa Mthembu narrowly finished second, Nkosikhona Mhlakwana heartbreaking battle for gold on debut, and not to be forgotten, a return to glory for 1995 winner Shaun Meiklejohn.
13 Jun 2019 10 min

Lifestyle balance of an Ultra Runner

If there is one thing Wandi loves to do more than anything, it is running. However, he knows and understands the balance needed to run long, hard and consistently. Get some great tips from this inspirational runner, who recently ran 9 marathons in 9 days, from London to Paris, and…
4 Jun 2019 10 min

René Kalmer's Two Oceans Odyssey

René Kalmer has been at the forefront of road running in South Africa for many years. Having battled back from a serious hip injury, she is set to tackle her first major Ultra-marathon, at the 2019 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon. Hear more about her motivational journey here…
14 Apr 2019 9 min

Carbohydrates role in your Endurance Journey

We continue our look at macro nutrients on episode six of our Endurance Journey podcast series. Here we focus on carbohydrates, and why they cannot be ignored! But at the same time you need to look at healthy options, and understand when you’ve earned certain carbs. Listen to this…
20 Mar 2019 12 min

Protein’s KEY role in your Endurance Journey

Part five of our Endurance Journey looks at one of the key macro nutrients; protein. Protein is not only an essential ingredient in everyday health, but for an endurance athlete it becomes critical. The right amount, what kind, when to consume it; learn this and more in the following podcast.
12 Mar 2019 13 min

Get it right (how to work out calorie requirements)

This is not to be missed. As we hit the 4th part of our endurance journey with Mark Wolff, we look at the importance of our nutritional foundation. This includes a wide range of aspects, most notably your rest and active days. So how do you calculate your nutritional requirements?
25 Feb 2019 10 min

Bloods absolutely don't lie

In part 3 of your Endurance Journey we build on our last conversation about the importance of pre-journey checks. The key today is what these blood and health tests can generally tell you, why you need to be open and honest with a doctor about possible conditions, and how nutrition…
12 Feb 2019 10 min

Don’t skip your pre-Endurance Journey checks

In part 2 of our Endurance Journey, Mark Wolf tell’s us why it is so vital to go for a pre-journey check-up. Are you really as healthy as you think you are? How do you know that your engine is in fine working order? Especially when considering you may be…
4 Feb 2019 7 min

Your Endurance Journey starts here

Over the next few weeks our Sports Nutritionist Mark Wolff is going to take you on an Endurance Journey. When it comes to sports and endurance, it’s not quite as simple as just going from point A to B. Any journey is built on a good solid foundation, and this…
28 Jan 2019 6 min

Staying hydrated at the 947 Cycle Challenge

It is going to be an especially hot one! With a heat wave gripping Johannesburg in South Africa, the iconic 947 Cycle Challenge is set to be hotter than ever in 2018. Mark Wolff gives you great advice on how to stay hydrated, on this episode of the 32Gi Sports…
12 Nov 2018 11 min

Why Joburg Ultra is not to be missed!

The Ultra Triathlon series is at the forefront of long distance triathlon in South Africa. Following three successful events in 2018, the inaugural MyWayLife Joburg Ultra is set to take place on the 2nd of December. It’s a race with lofty ambitions, hear more on the latest edition of the…
6 Nov 2018 8 min

An endurance nuts best nutritional advice

We pick up on our great chat with South African endurance nut Johan Joubert, on this episode of 32Gi Sports Nutrition. Not only does he love to ride a bike, but in true endurance athlete fashion he also loves to run! No only around the park, but Ultra-Marathons! But first…
22 Aug 2018 5 min

Meet Inspiration cyclist Johan Joubert

From an Inspirational triathlete, to an inspiration runner, and now to an inspiration cyclists (who also runs Comrades!). This week on 32Gi Sports Nutrition we chat to Team Lifecycle’s Johan Joubert, in the first of a two-part podcast series.
15 Aug 2018 9 min

Meet inspirational ultra-runner Chris Cherry

Ultra-running has the ability to leave no stone unturned when unearthing talent. Having been inspired by seeing his sister, Caroline Wostmann, win the Comrades Marathon, Chris Cherry decided to up his own running ante, and give the “Ultimate Human Race”, a bash. He certainly has “it”, having finished 23rd overall…
8 Aug 2018 13 min

Meet inspirational triathlete Grace Thek

This week on 32Gi Sports Nutrition we chat to an inspirational athlete out of Melbourne, Australia. Grace Thek may only be 26-years-old, but she is an ultra-triathlete on the rise, having won and been on the podium in her opening three half Ironman distance events. Thek is a name worth…
29 Jul 2018 11 min

How to become a 3-time Comrades champ!

Just over a month after the 2018 Comrades Marathon many runners are starting to get on the road again in preparation for next years’ race. On this episode of the 32Gi Sports Nutrition podcast we chat to the now three-time Comrades Marathon champ, Bongmusa Mthembu.
23 Jul 2018 9 min

Fuel like a Pro at #Comrades2018

In our last podcast ahead of the 2018 Comrades Marathon, Mark Wolff takes your from eating breakfast in the previous podcast, to handling your race nutrition. This is an extremely insightful guide on how to handle your hydration and energy requirements.
6 Jun 2018 6 min

0-48 hours prior to Comrades Marathon

How you eat and drink, and sleep in the 48 hours leading up to a race like the Comrades Marathon, will have a major effect on how your race day goes. On this episode of 32Gi Sports Nutrition, Mark Wolff gets you from 48 hours to go, right up to…
5 Jun 2018 8 min

The TRUTH about Carbo Loading

There was a time when carbo loading was as synonymous as the race itself. That race, is obviously the Comrades Marathon. Carbo loading does not have the same cult following as it once did, but there is still a space for it, to some extent. This however, is what you…
4 Jun 2018 10 min
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