World Policy On Air, Ep. 42: Terror and the Migrant Crisis

Even before the tragic events in Paris a week ago, Sweden — widely regarded as the most progressive European country on asylum issues — was forced to backtrack on several of its commitments to aid Syrian refugees earlier this year. On today's episode, Damaso Reyes articulates the growing pressures on EU member states to close their doors to those fleeing terror and tyranny.
19 Nov 2015 English United States News

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World Policy On Air, Ep. 44: "RusNet on the Offensive"

Russian President Vladimir Putin has left no stone unturned in his quest to control digital media. On today's podcast, author Andrei Soldatov argues that despite the Kremlin’s aggressive attempts to shut down opposition voices online, the lack of hierarchy and rapid pace of change on the Internet may ultimately undermine…
3 Dec 2015 30 min

World Policy On Air, Ep. 43: The Answer to the Islamic State

In the wake of the Paris attacks, French, U.S., and Russian air forces increased their bombardment of Islamic State targets in Syria and Northern Africa. On today's episode, Jonathan Power explains why a strictly military approach alone will not solve the problem of the Islamic State.
26 Nov 2015 37 min

World Policy On Air, Ep. 41: The Climate Conference

An estimated 40,000 people, including delegates from 190 nations, will gather in Paris this December to try and reach an international agreement to help the planet avoid the worst effects of climate change. On today's podcast, World Policy Journal editor emeritus David A. Andelman previews this year's crucial climate conference…
12 Nov 2015 25 min

World Policy On Air, Ep. 36: Problem is the Solution

Modern agriculture is rife with inefficiencies and environmentally destructive practices. With the globalization of food production and the damaging effects of climate change, innovation in this field is necessary, now more than ever. Louis Albert de Broglie, known in his native France and around the world as the “Gardener Prince,”…
9 Oct 2015 35 min

World Policy On Air, Ep. 28: A Light Bulb Goes Off

On today’s episode, Professor Hiroshi Amano, a member of the Nobel Prize-winning team that developed the blue light emitting diode, discusses the science behind his groundbreaking work and the future of global energy efficiency.
14 Aug 2015 23 min