Between 2 Femmes 01.10.15

Women are multi-faceted, they can talk about business one minute and shoes the next, mix in some family scandal and celebrity gossip and you have yourself a recipe for the perfect ladies' conversation. Join Mabale Moloi as she entertains, informs and inspires you.
1 Oct 2015 English South Africa TV & Film

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Between 2 Femmes - "Side Piece"

"Side piece" is a phrase that has become normalised in our society whereby young women enter into transactional sexual relationships with men who can provide. Mabale Moloi tackles this issue with Thulani Machere from the ANOVA Health Institute. Then, they say that if you meet a cancer survivor you should…
3 Dec 2015 45 min

Between 2 Femmes - Pole Dancing

Mabale is joined by Natasha Williams who organizes Miss Pole Dance SA. Together they track the progress of pole dancing as a competitive sport in South Africa with one of the pioneers.
26 Nov 2015 42 min

Between 2 Femmes - Psychology Of Happiness

We often complain about our jobs, our bosses and the amount of work that gets piled on top of us at our places of work. Liane McGowan of talks about the psychology of happiness in the workplace. Then it's a topic that leaves most of us feeling awkward, uncomfortable…
19 Nov 2015 48 min

Between 2 Femmes 04.12.14

Is it a race issue or is it just about the sales? South African "It girl" Bonang Matheba recently became the first ever black cover for Glamour SA, 20 years into democracy. Is it a bit too late? Aspasia, Mabale and guests, editors of various publications including Khosi Zwane Siguqa…
4 Dec 2014 52 min

Between 2 Femmes

Mabale and Aspasia speaks all things shoes in this episode , Sam Lin joins them in studio
17 Jul 2014 52 min