Ep. 169 Multiple Brain Integration Techniques: how to use your multiple brains

Do we really have three brains? Master mBIT coach Liezl Thom discusses the adaptive neural networks in our head, heart and gut and the core competencies of each. She explores multiple Brain Integration Techniques, the mBIT Road Map, and the benefits of learning to align our cephalic, cardiac and enteric centres of intelligence.
25 Jun English South Africa Self-Improvement · Relationships

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Ep. 171 Healing unexplained pain and chronic conditions

Are you a highly sensitive individual grappling with ‘mystery’ pain? Movement and energy specialist Tami Folkenflik explains how she combines energy healing modalities with yoga and Pilates to balance clients’ 4 subtle energy bodies. Having learnt to process her own trauma, Tami now lives free from pain and empowers others…
9 Jul 28 min

Ep. 170 Romantic relationships: What women – and men – deeply yearn for

Relationship coach Bryan Reeves shares his personal journey from a series of failed relationships to a profound understanding of love and intimacy. Offering insights from his best-selling relationship guide, he discusses the challenges regarding freedom and connection, the sexiest 3 words a man can say to a woman, and the…
2 Jul 35 min

Ep. 168 Highly educated career women: why finding a partner may be difficult

Many high-powered women yearn for marriage, but find men spurning them because of their professional status or dedication to their careers. Sociologist Dr. Sandy To discusses her research on China’s “leftover women,” the gender constraints they face, and 4 different partner choice strategies they employ.
18 Jun 25 min

Ep. 167 How to navigate the natural stages of your love relationship

No need to panic when your intimate relationship moves out of the fuzzy infatuation stage and unnerving differences set in. Counselling psychologist Dr Ingrid Artus explains how identifying and successfully moving through love’s 5 stages can carry a couple to lasting love. She discusses developing a growth mindset, 4 attachment…
11 Jun 56 min

Ep. 165 Navigating prostate cancer: what I’ve learnt

Prostate cancer is one of the most daunting challenges a man can face. Elred Lawrence candidly shares his experience of the diagnosis, decision-making process, eventual prostatectomy, and living an adventurous and joyous life ever since. He highlights facing serious concerns like possible erectile dysfunction and incontinence, the importance of garnering…
4 Jun 42 min