Empowering Young Professionals.

Sibongile Mofokeng is talking to Pastor Angie Camposreal about being a keynote speaker at the DEVAC Youth Summit where she was Empowering Young Professionals. They are looking at how she impacts, develops, and empowers young people to be professionals.
28 May 3AM English South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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Cry For Help - Maladaptive Behaviour.

Mpho Putini is conversing with Psychologist Glodia Munyai about Cry For Help - Maladaptive Behaviour. They examine how maladaptive behavior can be understood as a cry for help, signaling underlying emotional or psychological distress. What are the common signs of maladaptive behavior, and how can recognizing these behaviors prompt timely…
13 Jun 8AM 13 min

Making a Difference: How Young Christians Can Impact the World

How can young Christians and young professionals make a significant difference in the world through their faith and actions? What practical steps can they take to integrate their Christian values into their personal and professional lives, fostering positive change and ethical leadership? Mpho Putini is in conversation with Kgomotso Kalela…
13 Jun 8AM 22 min

Joy In Tough Times.

How does one find and cultivate joy during challenging times, and what role does resilience play in sustaining this joy? How does maintaining a positive outlook and gratitude enhance one's ability to navigate tough times with resilience and hope? Mpho Putini is conversing with Dr. Julias Magot Mbu about Joy…
13 Jun 7AM 25 min

Prayer For South Africa - New Government/Coalition.

Sibongile Mofokeng is talking to Dr. Eva Seobi about Prayer For South Africa. They are reflecting on how great and merciful God has been during the election-time, and that we are to pray for the smooth process of the coming new coalition or government of unity that is to be…
12 Jun 2AM 40 min